What Is the Best VR Headset For Watching Videos?

Virtual reality videos are becoming quite popular but you need a good VR headset to view it. Here is a rundown of the best VR headsets for viewing VR.

Google Cardboard

If you want to watch virtual reality but you’re on a tight budget, go with Google Cardboard. This headset costs just $15 but it gives you great VR functionality. This device lacks a lot of the features of other VR headsets but it will get the job done if you have a very limited budget. Many virtual reality sites will even send you a Google Cardboard for free once you sign up for their services so you’ll save the $15.

Google’s Daydream View

This headset works great with mobile phones a sit come with a controller which make sit easy to change settings on the VR headset. This is the ideal choice for vr videos if you’re going to use your smartphone as it’s a big step above Google Cardboard. The headset is also very comfortable to wear and it’s a modest price at around $99.

Samsung VR Gear

Thus headset runs around $95 so it’s a good one of you have a modest budget. The downside is that you’ll need s Samsung device to use it properly. This is another moderately priced VR headset this is perfect for watching VR. If you don’t use Samsung consider the HOMiDO V2 Virtual Reality Headset as it’s compatible with most smartphones. Another alternative is the BlitzWolf VR headset which runs $25 and works with smartphones that are 4.7 to 6 inches in size.

Oculus Rift

You need a powerful computer to run the Oculus Rift but it’s well worth it. This set isn’t cheap at $600 but it’s well worth it for high-quality virtual reality experiences. You get a resolution of 2160 x 1200 and it can be used with some controllers such as the Xbox One controller. The VR headset is top of the line and if you can afford the steep price tag it’s miles above the other cheap headsets.

HTC Vive

This headset is even better than the Oculus Rift and it gives it a 110-degree view and has a few more options than the Oculus Rift does. There is a front mounted the camera on this one so you can see what is going on outside of the VR experience so you have more control over your privacy.


These are some of the better headsets for watching virtual reality. You may need to try out a few to find one that suits your overall needs and budget.