Behind every door is an unknown.  A hidden world of potential.  Only if you open that door does reality collapse from all of these potentials into what you see.  Until that very moment, all potentials of what could be behind that door exist at once.  
Virtual Reality can be anything.  A way to communicate, teach, teleport, experience, meditate.  A way to see the Louvre, or feel what it’s like to be a blood cell traveling through the human body.  A device where we see life through the eyes of the world’s top athletes, chefs, and musicians.  VR is a playground for our consciousness’.  It doesn’t replace reality, it enhances it.  It’s a pure empathy machine, putting you in perspectives and places you never imagined.  
This playground exists.  We’re building it now.  All you have to do is open the door. 

Hidden Content VR Reel 2017

Broken Night

This interactive, VR narrative starring Emily Mortimer premiered at Tribeca 2017 and was accepted to the prestigious Virtual Reality at NEXT at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.   

Up Close and Personal

Relive the memories that made pop sensation Rachel Platten who she is today.

360 Meals

Go inside the mind and flagship restaurant of the world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud.


Young designers talk about their philosophy on how they are creating the fashion of the future.

Elle King

Grammy-nominated singer Elle King offers a personal, inside look at how she grew into the artist she is today with the help of immersive animations.

Samsung 837: A Look Inside

The VR press release for Samsung 837, the new experiential location in NYC. 

About Us

HIDDEN CONTENT is a full service Virtual Reality production and post-production company formed by a collective of award-winning content creators of commercials, music videos, and feature films.
With an impressive record of ground-breaking traditional content, Hidden Content is the natural progression of traditional storytelling into the immersive world of virtual and augmented reality.
Standing out as a leader of this new frontier, Hidden Content relies on the latest developments in thought and technology to advance the human experience into the rapidly evolving landscape of content creation.

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